2018 11/12 Selects Tournament Draw

Thursday, July 5 6:30pm CLL Green (14) V Hastings (2) (Mackin Yard)
Thursday, July 5 6:30pm CLL Gold (10) V Langley (6) (Mackin South)
Friday, July 6 6:30pm CLL Gold V New West (Mackin Yard)
Friday, July 6 6:30pm Hastings V Whalley (Mackin South)
Saturday, July 7 10:00am CLL Green V Whalley (Mackin Yard)
Saturday, July 7 12:00pm CLL Gold V Whalley (Mackin Yard)
Saturday, July 7 12:00pm Hastings V Langley (Mackin South)
Saturday, July 7 2:00pm CLL Green V New West (Mackin Yard)

Consolation Game - Sunday, July 8 10:00am 5th Place V 6th Place (Mackin South)

Semi Final 1 - Sunday, July 8 12:00pm 1st Place V 4th Place (Mackin South)
Semi Final 2 - Sunday, July 8 2:00pm 2nd Place V 3rd Place (Mackin South)

Final - Sunday, July 8 4:00pm Winner SF1 V Winner SF2 (Mackin Yard)

2018 11/12 Selects Tournament Rules

No sunflower seeds in dugouts on on field - coaches and players
No new inning safter 90 minutes
5 runs max per inning - last inning is open
Round Robin home and away are decided by coin flip prior to start of game. Home team takes 3rd base dugout.
Playoff home and away games are decided by seed. Higher seed is Home team and takes 3rd base dugout.

Playoff Seeding/Tiebreaker

1st tiebreak - head to head
2nd tiebreal - defensive runs against (total runs against / total defensive innings played)
3rd tiebreak - defensive runs ratio
4th tiebreak - runs scored

Pitching Rules

Max 2 innings (6 outs) or 40 pitches per game per pitcher
Max 4 innings (12 outs) or 75 pitchers per day per pitcher