2018 Bat Changes

The Little League bat rules are changing for the 2018 season. The bat changes are below. The 2017/2018 CLL Board of Directors will review this in the Fall to determine the impact and roll out at the Coquitlam Little League level. Costs to replace current team bats and grandfathering bats purchased in 2-17 into regular season play will be discussed.

Starting on January 1, 2018, the new USA Baseball Standard will be implemented across all Little League baseball divisions and Little League-approved bats will no longer be acceptable for use in any Little League game or activity. More details, as they become available, will be provided below.

2017-2018 Bat Comparison Chart

Minors & Majors

  • 2017 BPF 1.15 marking/ 2 ¼" barrel maximum
  • 2018 USA Baseball marking 2 5/8" barrel maximum

Intermediate (50/70) & Junior

  • 2017
    1) 2 ¼" alloy/metal barrel with BPF stamp of 1.15
    2) 2 5/8" alloy/metal barrel (no marking required)
    3) 2 5/8" composite barrel with BBCOR stamp
  • 2018 USA Baseball marking 2 5/8" barrel maximum


  • 2017 ALL bats must be BBCOR
  • 2018 ALL bats must be BBCOR

For more information, check out this video explanation.

Player Assessments

In special circumstances, player assessments can be conducted to determine if a player should move up a division. Player assessments are conducted by at least two members of our Board of Directors and the assessment form is based on our Guiding Principles.

Players assessments are typically conducted if there is a safety concern to other players because the player in question is believed to be too advanced for the division that they are in.

To begin the assessment process, parents must email their current Division Coordinator with the child's name, previous baseball experience and reason for request. Assessments will only be available for players who are league age 8 and older. This aligns with the Baseball Canada Long Term Athleted Development program and the USA Baseball Long Term Athlete Development Plan.

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.