2019/2020 Off Season Opportunities

Coquitlam Little League believes in offering players every opportunity possible to become a better athlete. Better athletes make better baseball players! You can find more information about off season offerings below:

Drop In Workouts

Baseball BC Girls Preseason Development and Festival

Coquitlam Little League has a long history of coed play, and we take a great deal of pride in the fact that we've had several girls play in Provincial and Canadian Championships in the past 10 years.

CLL is pleased to introduce Liz Gilder, currently a pitcher on Team BC and the Canadian Womens Baseball squad. Liz has asked us to spread the word about two amazing opportunities for girls to have some fun playing baseball with other girls from around the lower mainland and get some top level coaching during pre-season.

"As an expansion to the BC Girls Baseball Development & Instructional program, Baseball BC has started a pre-season development league to help prepare girls for the season ahead. The program is designed for girls ages 6-12, on Thursday evenings from Feb. 13 to Mar. 12 (5 weeks) and serves to develop confidence, skill and resilience prior to joining their Spring & Summer teams, whether it's a predominantly male team, the BC Girls Baseball Instructional League, etc. The goal of the program is to help girls continue to excel on teams & in leagues with the newfound confidence of knowing that there are other girls that play the same sport that they do.

As someone who grew up strictly playing "boys" baseball until the age of 12, I know that joining a brand-new male-dominated team every season can be nerve wracking. This program can help calm the nerves of female players by providing a safe space for skill development alongside mentors from the Women's National Team, and Team BC. It is also an excellent place for curious friends to come try out a new sport! Plus, it'll be a lot of fun!" click here for info and registration

This is a FREE FESTIVAL of baseball celebrating our BC Girl's Baseball Pre-Season Development Series. It's a 1hr & 15min event focussing on fun drills & games for girl's of all ages & abilities, even if you're brand new to the sport. Coaches are the best youth mentors in the country & the Langley Events Centre makes this Festival a HOMERUN. So, come give baseball a try, sharpen your skills or just to have some fun... FREE REGISTRATION HERE (Attend this Festival with No committment to the Pre-Season Development Series above..)

Player Assessments

In special circumstances, player assessments can be conducted to determine if a player should move up a division. Player assessments are conducted by at least two members of our Board of Directors and the assessment form is based on our Guiding Principles.

Players assessments are typically conducted if there is a safety concern to other players because the player in question is believed to be too advanced for the division that they are in.

To begin the assessment process, parents must email their current Division Coordinator with the child's name, previous baseball experience and reason for request. Assessments will only be available for players who are league age 8 and older. This aligns with the Baseball Canada Long Term Athlete Development program and the USA Baseball Long Term Athlete Development Plan.

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.