Fondly Remembered
Posted Nov 26, 2018

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of one of our CLL brothers. 

Dave Sturam passed away last week at the age of 43. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his wife Christine, and their children, Kaden and Sophia, and to the rest of the family. Dave's love for, and pride in, his family was profound. He was a loving father and husband, and a good friend. Thank you Christine, and Kaden, and Sophia, for sharing him with us. The CLL family is here for all of you. 

Dave has been a coach in CLL for years, starting in Blastball with Kaden, and this past season he coached Kaden in Majors during house and in post-season, and Sophia in Mini-Minor. Dave was excited about Kaden moving up to Blue Mountain and "real baseball, with leadoffs, and pickoffs", but he got just as much pleasure watching Sophia and her teammates figure out which hand the glove goes on. Dave coached on a number of post season teams over the years, always representing CLL with class, and teaching kids to play the game the right way. His passion for the game was obvious to anyone who knew him, and while he was as competitive as they come, Dave kept the kids focused on the fun side of the game. He spoke passionately about keeping it fun, and developing all the kids, not just the good ones, and took immense pride in seeing them succeed. We'll miss his antics at the annual coaches game, and the great conversations in the cage and the parking lot afterwards. 

They say there's no crying in baseball, but that isn't always true. We've all seen kids cry after a strikeout, or an error in the fiield, or a loss. we've all shed tears of pride and joy watching our kids play. And today the tears will be for our buddy. And while he won't be with us on the field and in the dugout this season. I like to think he'll be sitting up in the bleachers, popping a cold one, and watching it all with that warm smile. 

So we'll cry our tears, and dry them, and pick up our gloves and bats.

Moms and dads will prep the field, and kids will look for their hats.

Coaches will set their lineups, and kids will wait for the call,

and Dave will be there grinning, when the umpire yells "PLAY BALL".


The family will need our support in this difficult time. I'd be happy to forward any messages. please email 

Services will be at the Poco Inn and Suites, 1545 Lougheed Highway. December 9th at 1PM. In lieu of flowers, an account is being set up to help take care of the kids' education, somethng that was very important to Dave.

To make a donation:

Royal Bank
Acct# 5164603


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