Karl Gosselin Mid Season Classic Schedule

5/12/2018       10:00:00 AM     4 vs 5
5/12/2018       12:00:00 PM     1 vs 3
5/12/2018       2:00:00 PM      2 vs 5
5/12/2018       4:00:00 PM      3 vs 4
5/12/2018       6:00:00 PM      1 vs 2
5/13/2018       10:00:00 AM     1 vs 4
5/13/2018       12:00:00 PM     2 vs 3
5/13/2018       2:00:00 PM      1 vs 5
5/13/2018       4:00:00 PM      2 vs 4
5/13/2018       6:00:00 PM      3 vs 5
5/14/2018       6:00:00 PM      TBD

Karl Gosselin Mid Season Classic

12/13 Karl Gosselin Classic - May 12-14

Schedule - All teams practice Friday night 6-8pm. All teams will play 2 games Saturday, 2 games Sunday. Final will be Monday night.

The KG Classic is a Coquitlam Little League only tournament that gives 12 year olds their first taste of playing at Blue Mountain Park. It's a chance for the 12 year olds to experience the game they will be playing next year and for the 13 year olds to step up as leaders. All of the teams are coached by Big League players so the weekend is played, coached and umpired by kids and parents get to cheer everyone on!

This tournament is proudly named after Karl Gosselin. Karl Gosselin was a dedicated Coquitlam Little Leaguer who died suddenly in his sleep at the age of 13. We honor him, his family and the thousands of other dedicated Coquitlam Little Leaguers by dedicating this weekend of baseball to fair play, dedication, competition and fun.

KGC May 12-14 Tournament Rules

1. All games 1 and a half hour time limit. Final game has no time limit, 6 innings.

2. Pitchers- a maximum of 2 innings per game (must be consecutive). Each team must pitch 12yr olds to a min of two innings/game (can be a combination of pitchers to equal two innings). Pitch count will be recorded so if the pitcher throws more than 40 pitches... he can not catch in that game.

2b.max 50 pitches/game/pitcher

3. 54/80 Junior Rules

4. Home team will be determined by coin toss

5. 3 runs per inning or 10 runs ahead after 4 innings

6. Duties will apply the same as league duties.

7. Fair play rules apply. A player cannot sit more than one inning in a row, 2 total in a game.