Karl Gosselin Mid Season Classic

The Karl Gosselin Mid Season Classic is an annual tournament at Blue Mountain Park that is unique to Coquitlam Little League!

The KG Classic is a Coquitlam Little League only tournament that gives 12 year olds their first taste of playing at Blue Mountain Park. It's a chance for the 12 year olds to experience the game they will be playing next year and for the first year Junior players to step up as leaders. All of the teams are coached by Senior League players so the weekend is played, coached and umpired by kids and parents get to cheer everyone on!

This tournament is proudly named after Karl Gosselin. Karl Gosselin was a dedicated Coquitlam Little Leaguer who died suddenly in his sleep at the age of 13. We honor him, his family and the thousands of other dedicated Coquitlam Little Leaguers by dedicating this weekend of baseball to fair play, dedication, competition and fun.

2019 12/13 Karl Gosselin Classic - May 9-12

Due to growing numbers, there will be two divisions this year:

American League - First year Club 13 &14 Year Olds and AAA 12 Year Olds
National League - First year League Play 13 & 14 Year Olds, AA and A 12 Year Olds

Karl Gosselin Mid Season Classic - Teams

(C) = Coach

American League

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
William Symington (C) Max Hamanishi (C) Grady Minor (C)
Shea Zawadiuk (C) Reece Dorwart (C) Sunho Lee (C)
Justin Tiefenbach Kyle Bridger Sullivan Menard
Kaden Rauchensteiner Joshua Hunter Jacob Shorthouse
Sarah Pengelly Nolan Robinson Jacob Tanaka
Liam Sampson Iain Mackinder Jacob Hageman
Markus Jack Ryan Stewart Thomas Cox
Read Hutchinson Luc Dang Riley Nakano
Nathan Lo Jeremy Robson Liam MacLean
Bradley Bethell Matt Shanley Timothy Piasentin
Kainoah Brankovic Daniel Bertani Andy Paik
Evan Dugdale Lucas Columbara Everett Bertsch
Chris Evans Brady Dorwart Ryan Christie
Tory Hutchinson Tai Freeman Ayden Lee
Jack Myers Piero Leon-Carney Jordan Lisowsky
Tate Ottahal Nolan Loverin

National League

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5
Lucas Roos (C) Patrick Beaton (C) Owen Li (C) Drew Logan (C) Daniel Byoun (C)
Roen Ottahal (C) Marcus Padovano(C) Michael Pacheco (C) Daniel Mansori (C) Brandon Goulding (C)
Matt Cooper (C) Yael Engen Cole Robillard (C) Brodie Kent (C)
Joshua Riley
Del Mundo
Ben Turpin Mike Qi Benjamin Wang Danny Sitter
Mark Andjelic Logan Chaloner Wyatt McConnell Matthew Kim Elvin Zucik
Matthew Debeun Nathan Dreger Hayden Stewart Ryder Kent Kaden Lee
Jaysen Kantor Daniel New Colin Ye Manas Lalsinghani Ryder Mountain
Ryan Fung Logan Woods Benjamin Fung Riley Fraser Shea Pankiw
Owen Hall Maxwell Driscoll Kaslo Karl James McLean Finnley Shiels
Jesse McAllister Nico Liberatore Turner Renard Mehki Shackelford Zephyr Wingleman
Ryan Hutchinson Luke MacDonald Noah Rosselli Lukas Towsley Cody Beasley
Connor McCartney Deegan Niska Ryan Brodt Adam Verrelli Michael Fong
Luka Peric Allison Pengelly Liam Russell Andrew Wang Darren Le Roy
CM Owen Stirling Dominic Herndier Adam Robertson Alan Liu
Kevan Naqvi Linfeng Xu Ishan Shah Geon Jin Denis Zucik
Lucas Pollard Aaron Wu

*If you do not plan to play in the KG Mid Season Classic, e-mail president @ coquitlamlittleleague.ca to be removed from the roster.

Karl Gosselin Mid Season Classic - Schedule

Thursday, May 9th - Practice for ALL TEAMS.
5:30-7:00pm - National League Teams 1, 2, 3 & 4
7:00-8:30pm - National League Team 5 and American League Teams 1, 2 & 3

Tournament Schedule

American League

Friday, May 10th 6:00pm - Team 1 V Team 2
Friday, May 10th 8:00pm - Team 1 V Team 3
Saturday, May 11th 7:00pm - Team 2 V Team 3
Sunday, May 12th 5:30pm - 1st Place V 2nd Place - American League Championship Team 1 vs Team 2

National League

Saturday, May 11th 9:00am - Team 1 V Team 2
Saturday, May 11th 11:00am - Team 3 V Team 4
Saturday, May 11th 1:00pm - Team 1 V Team 5
Saturday, May 11th 3:00pm - Team 2 V Team 4
Saturday, May 11th 5:00pm - Team 5 V Team 3
Sunday, May 12th 10:00am - Semi Final #1 1st Place V 4th Place Team 3 vs Team 4
Sunday, May 12th 12:30pm - Semi Final #2 2nd Place V 3rd Place Team 2 vs Team 5
Sunday, May 12th 3:00pm - Winner SF #1 V Winner SF #2 - National League Championship

FREE BBQ for all KGMSC players and coaches:

American League: Friday between 6:30pm-8:00pm
National League: Saturday between 11:00am - 1:30pm

Karl Gosselin Mid Season Classic - Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

1. All games have a 90 minute time limit. Championship Games have no time limit.

2. A complete game is 6 innings.

3. Pitchers - a maximum of 2 innings per game (must be consecutive). Each team must pitch 12yr olds to a min of two innings/game (can be a combination of pitchers to equal two innings). A player cannot pitch and catch in the same day.

4. A pitcher cannot throw more than 50 pitches in a game.
- all other Little League pitch count/days rest rules apply.

5. 54/80 Dimensions.

6. Home team will be determined by coin toss.

7. Maximum 3 runs per inning. 8 run mercy rule in affect after 4 innings.

6. Duties will apply the same as league duties.

7. Fair play rules apply. A player cannot sit more than one inning in a row, 2 total in a game.

8. No cage access prior to games.