Past Presidents

2019/2020 - Sandon Fraser
2018/2019 - Sandon Fraser
2017/2018 - Sandon Fraser
2016/2017 - Sandon Fraser
2015/2016 - Harry Warren
2014/2015 - Ray Veltin
2013/2014 - Steve Tickner
2012/2013 - Ray Veltin
2011/2012 - Wes Taylor
2010/2011 - Wes Taylor
2009/2010 - Wes Taylor/Steve Tickner
2008/2009 - Gerald Otterman
2007/2008 - Gerald Otterman
2006/2007 - Gerald Otterman
2005/2006 - Gerald Otterman
2004/2005 - Gerald Otterman
2003/2004 - Steve Tickner
2002/2003 - Steve Tickner
2001/2002 - John Casey
2000/2001 - John Casey
1999/2000 - Mike Waggett
1998/1999 - Mike Waggett
1997/1998 - Mike Waggett
1996/1997 - Bob Moody
1995/1996 - Bob Moody
1994/1995 - Candy Noon
1993/1994 - Candy Noon
1992/1993 - No President
1991/1992 - Earl Bateman
1990/1991 - Earl Bateman
1989/1990 - Elaine Gilmore
1988/1989 - Lynda Dezell
1987/1988 - No President
1986/1987 - Tom Brooks
1985/1986 - Tom Brooks
1984/1985 - Terry Gilmore
1983/1984 - Terry Gilmore
1982/1983 - Terry Gilmore
1981/1982 - Tony Pollegato
1980/1981 - Ray Towers
1979/1980 - Jack Allard
1978/1979 - Jack Allard

2019 Board of Directors

Sandon Fraser 778-388-3930
President president@coquitlamlittleleague.ca

Craig Bridger 604-868-9505
Vice President 12 & Under vp12u@coquitlamlittleleague.ca

Russ Hunter 778-840-1266
Vice President 13+ & Outside Programs rhunter@coquitlamlittleleague.ca

Terri Michael 604-817-1759
Treasurer bt-michael@shaw.ca

Bruce Michael 604-319-1609
Secretary brucemichael03@gmail.com

Natasha Cook
Registrar ncook@coquitlamlittleleague.ca

Dan Malicki 604-612-3615
Communications Coordinator dmalicki5@gmail.com

Steve Tickner 604-525-8833
Equipment & Uniforms tickball61@gmail.com

Robert Piasentin
Umpire in Chief rpiasentin@coquitlamlittleleague.ca

Ryan Swan 604-778-8136
Coach & Player Development Coordinator swanslawns@hotmail.com

Cheryl Thom 778-689-8456
Mackin Concession & Volunteer Coordinator cthom@coquitlamlittleleague.ca

Angie Padovano angdifpad@gmail.com
Blue Mountain Concession & Volunteer Coordinator

Sergio Bertani
13+ Division Coordinator sbertani@coquitlamlittleleague.ca

Mark Edwards 604-313-6799
Major AAA Coordinator League Scheduler/ medwards@coquitlamlittleleague.ca

Cole Bertsch
A & AA Coordinator bertsch_cole@hotmail.com

Jeff Hum 778-680-8418
Minor Coordinator jhum@coquitlamlittleleague.ca

Tommy Raguero 639-999-3324
Rookie Coordinator traguero@coquitlamlittleleague.ca

Jason Swan 778-808-4370
Mini Minor Coordinator / jswan@coquitlamlittleleague.ca
Sponsorship & Promotions

Natasha Cook
Blastball Coordinator ncook@coquitlamlittleleague.ca

Thanks Bruce and Terri!

Following the D3 District final on Sunday, Bruce and Terri Michael, our Secretary and Treasurer, were presented with the Marthe Dubroy Award in recognition of their 35+ years of service to Little League. D3 District Administrator Linda Hanson and Assistant District Administrator Jim Rogers were on hand to present this richly deserved award.

There isn't enough space here to list everything Bruce and Terri have done for our league over the years, and for Little League in South Vancouver, among other places, before that.

Here's a short list:

Coach, Umpire, every board position imaginable, including but not limited to President, Secretary, Treasurer, VP, Division Co-ordinator, Umpire in Chief. They have also combined to serve as Tournament Director, 2008 Junior Canadians, Tournament gurus on INNUMERABLE District and Provincial Tournament Committees, including 2015 Senior Canadians, announcer/scoreboard operator, scorekeeper and scorekeeping instructor, registrar, concession co-ordinator.

There's so much more behind the scenes, the hours of grant applications, registration entry from the old days of typewrites and pen and paper, manuals, meetings the list goes on and on.

Bruce and Terri you've done so much for so many over the years, thank you both, and thank you to your amazing family for all their work at tournaments, picture day, and pub night, year after year.

Thanks Larry and Bill!

After countless years as board members and coaches, including coaching the first of three consecutive Coquitlam Junior teams to the Junior World Series in 2008 (Larry would go on to be on the coaching staff of all three teams), Larry and Bill Park have decided that they wil not be on the Board of Directors nor coach this upcoming season.

Bill and Larry were instrumental in many of the projects at Mackin and Blue Mountain Parks including scoreboard installation, Canadian tournmant support and others. Already lifetime members, the 'Parks Bros' will continue to support CLL where they can and we thank them for all of their efforts over the past 15 years.

Lifetime Members

Lifetime Members are recognized for their significant contributions to the League both on and off the field.

Claudio Antoniali
Larry Park
Bob Bowman
Gerald Otterman
The Bowman Family
Louise Swan
Kelly Yorko

George Fengler
Wes Taylor
Don Gurniak
Greg Teasdale
Bill Park
Mike Waggett
Jim Rogers