If you have parents or players who are not able to connect to your Bonzi Team account, they must enter their 'invite code'. To find a person's 'invite code', coaches can do the following:

- login to www.bonziteam.com
- from your team page, click on 'roster' in the left pane. The team roster will show up in the middle pane.
- click on 'add new roster members' on the top of the middle pane.
- here you will be able to see which existing roster members have accepted their invites and which ones have invites pending. You can also add a new roster member.
- copy the 'invite code' and send it to the person trying to access your team account.

- Once they have the code, the person can go to www.bonziteam.com and click on 'got an invite?', enter their code and they will be taken directly to the Bonzi Team page.

Note: if their status is being shown as 'invite accepted' they should be able to login to bonziteam.com with the same email address and password they used to login.