Tournament Schedule
Posted May 29, 2017

Please see here for the tournament schedule

Wood Bat


The entrance fee is $ 300.00 & a dozen balls per team. To be paid upon registering for the tourney. Once your team has played its first game you will receive a $ 100.00 refund per team.

2018 CLL Wood Bat Rules

1) 2 Pick ups allowed but not allowed to pitch.

2) 13 year old(s) must pitch for 2 innings (6 consecutive) outs in EVERY game. Can use one (1) 13 yr. old for one inning and use another for the remaining consecutive outs. If there is a chance for a mercy your 13 yr. old must pitch before the mercy.

3) 60 / 90 diamond all ages pitch from 60 ' rubber

4) Only wood bats supplied by CLL can be used.

5) Coaches in baseball pants or athletic pants. No Shorts or jeans

6) Home team will be determined by coin toss.

7) All games 6 innings NO new inning after 1 hour 45 min

8) Absolutely NO protests will be entertained.

9) Pitchers will have a pitch count recorded, if he/she pitches 40 pitches he/she CANNOT catch int he remainder of the game.

10) 5 runs per inning, mercy 10 runs after 4 innings.