Major AAA

For more than 50 years this level of the Majors has played at the legendary Mackin Yard, as this is Little League's premier division of baseball for 12 & under.

Major AAA will have rosters of 12 players. Everybody will bat each game but unlike the Major AA division where the batting lineup rolls over so every players gets comparable at bats, the coach will reset the lineup each game based on their strategy and player's performance. It is possible that a player may bat at the bottom of the order every game.

Major AAA follows the mandatory play rule which means that all kids will play in every game they show up to. There is not equal infield and outfield time. Coaches will try to have a balance of infield/outfield time and take player requests into consideration but are not obligated to have player's pitch, catch or play the positions they want to play.

The expectation is that players are committed to their team. They must attend practices/games and notify coaches in advance if they will miss a team function.

There will be up to 3 games per week, including regular travel to other cities/leagues. There will also be 1 or more practices per week.

Spring Training Schedule

The Major AAA division will practice together until teams are drafted at the end of March. All practices will be held at Lower Mackin, and please check back often for updates as the schedule may change.

Monday March 11th @ 5:15pm

Wednesday March 13th @ 5:15pm

Wednesday March 20th @ 5:15

Sunday March 24th @ 4pm

Tuesday March 26th @ 5:15pm

Thursday March 28th @ 5:15pm

Saturday March 30th @ 10am

Sunday March 31st @ 4pm

Practices will run approximately 90 minutes. Players are expected to wear appropriate baseball clothing, and safety gear (Gloves, Helmets, Cups, Cleats, etc...). Players should bring water bottle(s).