Rookie (7-8)

Coordinator's Corner: If your player is League age 7 or 8 for the 2018 season, they will be playing in the Rookie Division!

The  emphasis in Rookie is on development including base running, hitting, fielding skills and tactics, but most importantly SPORTSMANSHIP and FAIR PLAY rule the diamond. There will be ZERO tolerance for any abusive language or behaviour from parents, coaches or players. WINS AND LOSSES ARE NOT RECORDED, nor are they how we define a successful season. This is the division where parents learn how to scorekeep, so Terri, our scorekeeping guru (among many other things) has offered to come out and lend her expertise the first week or two. 

Now that Evaluations have wrapped up, we begin the process of putting together teams and making them as balanced as possible. If you have specific requests for teammates or coaches, and have not already done so, please email your coordinator. DEADLINE FOR REQUESTS IS MARCH 14th.

We do the best we can to honour requests, while keeping the teams fairly well-balanced. Each team will need 2 rostered coaches (more are always welcome, and parents will be helping out with drills at practice). If you are interested in/willing to take on this role, please email your coordinator. We will be putting on all kinds of coaches clinics, and have an almost boundless list of resources in the form of experienced coaches, board members, manuals, etc to help you have a fun, successful season with your child. 

Due to the work being done at Mackin, Rookie will be playing the bulk of our games at Hartley and/or Miller parks. Each team will play 2 games per week. The schedule is tentatively set for Wed/Thurs (possibly Friday) nights, and Saturdays.  Team practices will be scheduled by the coaches (one per week minimum). 

Growing up fast and soaking up life & baseball (later on in Little League, many see that line vanish as life BECOMES baseball!) the time has finally come to make the move off the fields and onto a diamond… a diamond with DUGOUTS! Aged 7-8, our Little Leaguers have developed in leaps and bounds in their short careers and the Rookie division is set up so they can polish their skills before making the final step in baseball… pitching! Basic pitching mechanics will be introduced in practice later in the season, however they will continue to use the pitching-slinger during games. 

Depending on registration numbers, this division is usually split up into 12-player teams that play each other throughout the season, and we're working on getting an event set up in Mackin Yard!

We'll be making some small changes to the manuals for this season, but for now, have a look at last year's.

Coaches - view the 2017 Rookie Division Manual here.

Team Parents - view the 2017 Rookie Team Parent Manual here.

Find a fillable duty roster excel book for the Rookie Tournament here



2018 Outlook

The Rookie season begins on April 14th and runs for 12 weeks. All weekday games begin at 6pm at Hartley and end at approximately 8pm. Saturday games times will be 10, 12, 2, 4. Games and Practices vary from week to week but include weeknights and weekends.

Coquitlam Little League provides team hats, belts and jerseys (belt and jerseys must be returned) as well as bats and all equipment needed to play baseball. Players must provide their own helmet, glove, baseball pants (grey) and protective cup. Cleats are encouraged but can be soccer cleats. We supply bats to each team, and if your player already has a bat they are welcome to use it during regular season. If you are buying a new bat, please ensure it conforms to the new bat regulations. ALL conforming bats will have a USA Baseball label on them.

Looking forward to an amazing season of fun and skill development with all of you!

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