2019 Blue Mountain Baseball Club Outlook

Coquitlam Little League is proud to announce the 2019 Blue Mountain Baseball Club. The first of its kind, the Blue Mountain Baseball Club will give select players a full Junior (13/14 Year Old) qualifying schedule so players can tryout for Intermediate or Junior Allstars while also playing more games and facing tougher competition than our Junior Division teams.

2019 Timberjacks Rosters

Timberjacks - Blue

Jacob Hageman
Josh Kelly
Iain Mackinder
Daniel Mansori
Sullivan Menard
Roen Ottahal
Michael Pacheco
Marcus Padavano
Cole Robillard
Nolan Robinson
Jacob Shorthouse
Jacob Tanaka

Coaches: Bill Letcher, Brad Robinson, Josh Carswell

Timberjacks - Grey

Kyle Bridger
Matthew Cooper
Luc Dang
Brandon Goulding
Josh Hunter
Markus Jack
Brodie Kent
Sarah Pengelly
Kaden Rauchensteiner
Jeremy Robson
Liam Sampson
Justin Tiefenbach

Coaches: Sandon Fraser, Will Russell, Jonah Lee

2019 Blue Mountain Baseball Club Spring Training

This year, the Blue Mountain Baseball Club will run two Junior teams of 12 players each. Callup players from the Junior Division will participate in games and practices throughout the season. Spring Training Practices (all at Blue Mountain Park unless noted otherwise):

Please note the following:

  • layers must wear long sleeves and baseball pants (grey or white) to all Club events (practices and scrimmage). We will be outside whenever we can so dress for the weather.
  • Players should eat before practices and bring water.
  • Invited players who are not selected for a Club Team will have the opportunity to be a callup player throughout the season.
  • Selection to a Club Team does not guarantee a spot on a post season team.