Warmup - Majors and Up

Warmup (20 minutes max)

Pre Warmup

  • Setup field
  • 3 rows
  • Kids arriving early can play pepper or 2-ball, or just hang out and wait until warmup (do not throw until after warmup)
  • Place 3 cones 5 feet apart in the outfield grass along and one step in front of the foul line.
  • Place 3 cones 5 feet apart on the same line as second base.
  • Place 3 cones 5 feet apart in the middle of other cones

Running (10 Minutes)

(split into 3 groups - 1 group at each cone).

Cones should always be on the left of player.

After a person goes, the next person in line goes when the person in front reaches the second cone.

*the first 2-3 times through will be slower because of the learning curve.

  1. Run to the last cone, pivot and run back on the right side. (players should focus on pushing off back foot with each step forward) X2
  2. Run forward to the last cone and backwards back. (players should focus on reaching back with feet, lean forward to be on toes, not backwards on heels, face forward)
  3. Facing the outfield, lateral shuffle down and back facing the same direction. Stay crouched in a fielding ready position, hands out front, pushing off back foot when stepping, toes forward, do not let fee touch.
  4. Facing the infield, lateral shuffles down the right side and back facing the same direction. After every 2 shuffles, bend down and pretend to receive a ground ball.

Ballistic Walking (5 Minutes)

Same setup as warmup

  • Hands together, pointed forward arms straight out in front of chest. On each step, bring knee out to the side, rotate back to middle of body and land underneath body (players should focus on not moving arms - builds core strength)

Choose as many below as you have time for (at least 2)

  • High knees and arm pumps (player should pump alternate arm of leg, 'cheek to cheek' - elbows bend at 90 degrees and hands move from butt cheek to face cheek)
  • Kick leg straight up with each step and bring opposite arm across to meet in the middle of the core.
  • Lunge forward, keep back straight/avoid leaning forward
  • Lunge forward with each step and twist the body over front leg
  • Lateral lunge, switch sides each step.

Dynamic Stretches (5 minutes)

Arms at 30 degrees (tell players to imagine that they are at home plate and are pointing their arms to the 1st and 3rd base coaches)

  • Forward shoulder circles: palms down, tight forward circles that get bigger - 10 seconds.
  • Backward shoulder circles: palms up, tight backward circles that get bigger - 10 seconds.
  • Shoulder slaps: starting with arms out and thumbs up, bring arms across body, turning thumbs down. Bring arms back to 'open' with thumbs up - 10 seconds
  • Screwdrivers: arms extended out, rapidly rotate thumbs from pointed up to pointed down - 10 seconds

Upper Body trunk rotations

Full Rotations

  • Feet shoulder width apart, arms out in line with shoulders, rotate body, keeping the hips and feet straight (facing original target). Think about splitting the body in half at the hips. Only the upper part of the body should rotate.
  • In same position, include hips in rotations. Head and feet should stay straight.

Download a 1 page PDF that you can print here.