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E-mail To Membership

By Sandon Fraser, 08/14/20, 4:15PM PDT


Dear Coquitlam Little League Family,


As you know, Coquitlam Little League is recognized for its proud tradition and respected place in the Tri Cities community. Driven by our Six Guiding Principles that focus on family experience, community, development and responsibility, our Board of Directors places a high value on being transparent to you, the Coquitlam Little League family and membership, and the public.


As a result of the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19, the Board of Directors made the decision in the spring to offer full refunds for the 2020 spring season. The Board felt that providing such refunds was a community-minded and socially responsible way to support families through these difficult times.


The process of pulling reports, itemizing and preparing cheques for 700+ families required countless volunteer hours with a goal of having the cheques prepared and ready to be mailed between May 12th and June 26th. During that period, there appeared to be a delay in this process and over the next few weeks, we started to receive e-mail inquiries into the status of refund cheques. As a result, on Monday, August 3rd we began what we believed to be an informal investigation into what had transpired. At that time, we discovered a serious issue: that the funds that should have been in Coquitlam Little League's account were not there.


At the June 9th Board of Directors meeting, the Board was presented with financials stating that Coquitlam Little League had $229,971.31 in financial assets. An investigation has been initiated and is in progress, but at this stage, we know that the League's funds are currently under $3,000.00, of which suppliers are also owed for unpaid invoices. We have contacted the Coquitlam RCMP about this issue and an investigation has been started.


The Board of Directors was shocked by these findings, as we expect you are as you read this. We wanted to share this information with you as soon as possible and to ask for your patience as this serious matter is investigated.


The investigation into the missing funds is ongoing and we have committed to having an independent/third party accounting firm perform an analysis of the League's finances. We are in the process of engaging appropriate legal, financial and other professional advisors.


As I hope you can understand, as a result of this serious issue, we are unable to offer refunds to our member families at this time. The Board is assessing the various options available to the League and will inform its members of those options as soon as we are able.


In our continued efforts to be transparent, there will be a virtual conference on Saturday, August 22nd at 10:00 a.m. The conference is intended as an opportunity to provide updates and answer any questions that you may have. You can attend the conference by clicking this link:


If you have questions that you would like answered at the conference, please submit them to at least 24 hours before the start of the conference call.


We don't have all of the facts at this stage of the investigation and that is important to remember. We would ask you to please not engage in speculation or gossip about how or why this happened. This can cause a great deal of additional damage if the information being shared is inaccurate or unverified. This is a devastating situation for all of us. It is the hope of the Board that we can pull together as a community - as we have done many times in the past - and support each other through this difficult time.


This e-mail and more information will be posted on our website as it becomes available.


On behalf of the Board, I want to thank you in advance for your patience and support as we continue our investigation.


Thank you,

Sandon Fraser
Coquitlam Little League