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Statement from the President of Coquitlam Little League

By Sandon Fraser, 08/14/20, 4:15PM PDT


The Board of Directors for Coquitlam Little League (CLL) takes its role and responsibilities to our membership, families and community seriously. As such, this is a difficult statement to make, but one that must be made - especially in light of our organization's commitments to transparency and to our community.


A full investigation has been launched into the disappearance of nearly $230,000 of CLL funds. It was identified that there was a discrepancy in the financial assets of the organization when we began to hear reports that refunds to members for the cancellation of the spring 2020 baseball season (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) had not been received. In looking into this, it became clear that there was an issue.


As a board and as people, we are devastated by this discovery. CLL represents so much of what is great about our world - civic spirit, good conduct on the playing field and, of course, a sense of community. All of which feels even more important as we navigate through the COVID-19 global pandemic.


A report has been filed with the Coquitlam RCMP. We cannot comment or provide further details specific to what happened as this is now a police matter.


What I can tell you is that the CLL Board is actively addressing the situation internally as the police investigation moves forward. We have sought legal advice and have retained independent accounting support to review all CLL accounts.


We will provide updates to our members and to the public when we are able to do so. We are taking every measure to ensure that the RCMP can do their job in investigating this issue.


CLL is built on a strong sense of community, and over the past 65 years we have earned the trust of parents, players, other young people, and members of the public. Today, we are facing a challenging time. I speak for all of the Board when I say that we are working hard to ensure that we don't lose your trust and support as a result of this serious situation. We are confident that we will find out exactly what happened, how it happened, and why - and that together, we will find a way forward. We are a strong, connected community at CLL and that will be the foundation we stand on as we go through this troubling time.


I would also like to add that at this point, we do not have all of the facts of what happened with the funds. We are a close community and it is normal to speculate on who might be involved and what occurred. I want to ask you to refrain from engaging in any kind of speculation. It is important that we get to the truth and that we do not let rumours or gossip influence us or cause us to act in any way. The advice of Provincial Health Authority's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry comes to mind here. As a community, we need to be kind, be calm, be safe.


We will share updates about this ongoing situation with you when we are able to do so.


Sandon Fraser


Coquitlam Little League