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Mid Season - Umpire's Clinic Refresher

It is mid-season and we are scheduling a refresher umpiring clinic.
Date: Monday May 16
Time: 6.30 pm to 8 pm
Location:  Brookmere Park
* No need to register.

The intent of this session is as follows:

1. Provide a refresher session of the basis of umpiring.  Now that you have done the job, it will be easier for you to learn a few more tricks of the job.
2. I'd like to hear the challenges you have faced while umpiring and how you dealt with it.  This will help us improve our 'clinics' and it will help other umpires as they will learn from you.

If you have not 'Request' a game to umpire yet, please come on over.  We need you!

See you at the park!


Callout for Umpires

Call for Umpires!

“The third team on the field at every baseball game”

Coquitlam Little League is getting ready for the 2022 season and we are calling for new and returning baseball players league age 11 years and up to be part of the third team on the field.  You can umpire games that suit your schedule and make some extra money.

  1. Information Session

CLL will be holding an information meeting for all New and Returning Umpires to better prepare for the new season ahead.

Location: Virtual Meeting (Meeting link will be sent closer to the date)

Date: Thursday March 10th

Time: 7 pm

Duration: 1 hour

The following information will be provided:

  1. Umpiring at CLL and Expectations
  2. Eligibility
  3. Umpires Clinic
  4. Assignr
  5. Fees and payment schedule


It is highly recommended that all new and returning umpires attend this meeting.


2.  Umpiring Clinics (Mandatory)

All New and Returning Umpires MUST attend the umpiring clinic scheduled as follows to be eligible to umpire at CLL:


Majors Division (League Age 11 & 12)


  • Location: Mackin Park – Canadian Tire Field
  • Date: Monday March 28th
  • Time: 5:00 PM
  • Duration: 1.5 hrs.



Juniors  and Seniors  (Age 13+)


  • Location: Blue Mountain Park
  • Date: Monday March 28th
  • Time: 6.30 PM
  • Duration: 1.5 hrs.


Little League Umpire Registry

We encourage all new and returning umpires to sign up for the Little League Umpire Registry. It provides access to the latest on-line training and education materials from Little League University. It's free to sign up.

As an exclusive benefit to Umpire Registry members, a series of candid bi-weekly online discussions known as "Touching Base" are already rolling. Presented virtually via Zoom, Touching Base is hosted by Tom Rawlings, Little League International Director of Umpire Development, and features live conversations that will bring reality, perspective, and philosophy to the activity of umpiring in Little League.

To access these topics, you first need to visit and become a member of the Umpire Registry.

Thank you again for the commitment of time and dedicated service you provide to our CLL community.

For more information, check the CLL website at:


Let’s get ready for CLL Baseball Season Spring 2022!


If you have any questions, please contact: 

Sergio Bertani

CLL Umpire in Chief


Umpire Training

Check out these FREE virtual trainings that you can take on your own time!

Umpiring is a great way for all ages to be involved with the game! There is a lot of flexibility and you even get paid. No experience is necessary. Stick with it, develop your skills and who knows, maybe you can end up umping a Canadian championship or even a World Series like our own Scott Barden, Mike Yamada and others!

For more information, please contact the CLL Umpire-In-Chief, Sergio Bertani (

CLL Alum Takes Another Step on the Journey

After his successful performance on the Little League International stage, Scott has moved on and done a season in the 22 team Northwoods League, playing in Wisconsin and Minnesota! This league is full of young up and comers, and has promoted players and umpires to the show. Best of luck, Scott!