2020 Outlook

Coquitlam Little League is excited to announce our continuing partnership with our funding partner for Blastball - Sharon Perry & Associates!

The season begins on April 22nd. Blastball runs for 8 weeks. All games/practices begin at 6pm at Mackin Park (lower centre diamond) and run until approximately 7:00pm. This year we have decided to hire a coordinator to run the division practices - with the help of parents of course!

Coquitlam Little League provides team shirts, hats, bats and other equipment needed to play baseball. Blastball players must provide their own helmet and protective cup. Gloves are optional as the ball is soft to encourage players to use two bare hands when picking up and catching the ball. Baseball pants and cleats are optional. It is common for players to wear runners, soccer cleats, track pants or sweat pants.


The youngest division within Little League is reserved for our 4 and 5 year old superstars who are picking up a baseball for the first time. For five year olds you have the option of registering in the Blastball or Mini-Minor Division.  

Following evidence based, best practices, our Blastball program has been developed by a hired early years expert with a focus on a fun, active first experience to organized sports.

The program follows Baseball Canada's Long Term Athlete Development Model, particularly:

What will this mean for your child?

During your child's first few years of baseball, the emphasis will be on physical literacy. Time should be spent learning the ABC'S of athleticism (Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed) to teach them how to control his / her own bodies. For this reason, your child may take part in exercises that do not look relevant to baseball but are supporting their development. Games and other sports will teach your child to throw the ball (basic hitting actions), catch it (hand-eye coordination), change direction and run properly. At each stage the child will be trained in the optimal systems and programs to maximize his / her potential as a ballplayer and as a long-term participant in sport.

Sheer fun and excitement on the player’s faces show the impact this game can have on our youngsters, as they learn the fundamentals of a much larger game. Hitting, throwing, catching, running, team play and sportsmanship are the building blocks of Little League.

 Our blastballers play exclusively at Mackin Field on Wednesday evenings, 6:00pm to 7:00pm starting April 22nd, 2020.

Attention Blastball Coaches: For those parents (with or without baseball experience) that want to help out and coach but are not confident or don’t know what to do, we have developed a guide for coaches containing practice plans. There will be set practice plans for each practice day that will guide coaches on what drills to practices while incorporating games to make skill development fun for both players and coaches.


2019 Blastball Team Parent Manual can be found here

Blastball Funding Partner