13+ Workouts

Thursdays and Saturdays beginning January 12th.
Maximum 10 players per time slot (players can register for 1 Thursday and 1 Saturday max).

Thursdays 6:00-7:00pm
Thursdays 7:00-8:00pm
Saturdays 10:00am - 11:00am
Saturdays 11:00am - 12:00pm

* Registration Fee: Free but players must register to attend drop ins.

Players must wear running shoes, long pants (sweat or track pants) and should wear a long sleeve shirt or t-shirt with hoodie or sweater. Players should bring a water bottle and baseball equipment (helmet, etc)

2019 13/14 Junior Division Structure

Coquitlam Little League

2019 Tiered 13/14 Junior Program

Info Sheet

Coquitlam Little League believes that every player should have a successful season. By offering more opportunities, players will be able to compete with kids of similar age and skill levels which will contribute to player's growth and development on and off the field. Using the League's Guiding Principles, Coquitlam Little League has identified a tiered 13/14 Junior program with Club Team and Regular Season Team divisions as a way to offer opportunities for interested players to play more games in a competitive environment while still offering a quality regular season schedule for players who choose not to tryout for or do not make the club teams.

Structure & Schedule

While other Leagues run a 3-tiered program with A, AA and AAA, Coquitlam Little League will run a 2-tiered program with two divisions; Club Team and Regular Season. The Club Team division will be made up of two Club Teams will play a schedule that includes more games and tournaments than the Regular Season program. Games may include travel to Vancouver Island, the Okanagan and Washington State.

Regular Season teams will be part of a Lower Mainland schedule with standings and meaningful games. There will also tournament opportunities.

The schedule for both divisions will run until June 1st as Coquitlam Little League runs an All Star program where teams compete at a Provincial and possible National (World Series) level.

Consideration is being given to a call up 'farm team' system where Club Teams will intentionally take a smaller roster so players on Regular Season teams have the opportunity to play in the division.


The Junior Divisions Registration Fees are $260. All players trying out for a Club Team must be registered with Coquitlam Little League. Players chosen for a Club Teams will be required to pay $140 for a total of $400.


What division is best for my child?

As a community baseball organization, Coquitlam Little League's Regular Season will focus on development and the in game experience. With fair play rules and ample opportunity for kids to choose the positions they like most, try new positions and develop skills, the Regular Season division is geared towards players that love baseball but do not want to commit to the demands of the Club Team division including time commitment, lack of player rotation and a game heavy schedule.

The Club Team division is suited best for kids who want to challenge themselves as baseball players. At this divisions, players will focus on a limited number of positions in a game heavy schedule. With no mandatory play and more games, this division is best suited for competitive players who have had prior success in their baseball career and want to advance that. Players are expected to commit to minimum 75% of team functions (practices, games and tournaments).

How are players chosen?

Interested players must attend tryouts. In addition to tryouts, consideration is given to prior year's performance, suitability on the team and age.

How many players are on each team?

The Club Team will roster 12-14 players. Regular season program teams will have 13-15 players. There will be a 'farm system' for call up players.

How are coaches chosen?

Coaches are chosen through an application process that considers years of experience, baseball training and training related to coaching youth in sports. In person interviews will be conducted if necessary. All interested coaches can find application details on the Coquitlam Little League website.

How do these divisions impact summer baseball?

Regardless of division, all players who meet eligibility requirements (participation in 60% of games) can tryout for a summer baseball team. All Star teams compete at a Provincial level. The winner of the Provincial tournament represents British Columbia at the Canadian Championship. The winner of the Canadian Championship represents Canada at the World Series. Players can tryout for two All Star teams; Junior (League Age 13/14) and Intermediate (League Age 13), and one Select team; (League Age 13/14) Junior Selects who will play tournaments into the summer.

Are there additional costs to registration?

Coquitlam Little League tries to keep baseball affordable for families. Additional expenses include travel costs to games including tournaments (gas, meals, lodgings etc).

Why Little League instead of BC Minor?

Little League offers a post season baseball season unlike any other organization with a potential Provincial, National and World Series tournament experience but struggles to have a regular season that is comparable to BC Minor because of the schedule and frequency of meaningful games that BC Minor offers. The Club Team division aims to compete with the BC Minor regular season by offering games against equal or better teams including more tournament experiences for meaningful games. The Regular Season division will also give players more meaningful games by participating in a League with standings and a championship. By doing this, Coquitlam Little League will offer an equal or better regular season experience as well as a post season unlike any other organization.

If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.