Criminal Record Checks ( CRC )

Criminal Record Checks are mandatory each year. To make the process easier, you're able to apply online. Once applied, your CRC is automatically sent to the League and kept confidential.

Access Code: K4LPLV6LDH

Please see attached letter to take to RCMP detachment if you are unable to complete online.

Please note: if you do the crim check online, the results are emailed and or mailed directly to the President of the League and you will not be notified that they have arrived.

Call For 2020 Regular Season Managers & Coaches

Each season we field over 50 teams, not including Blastball! Every one of those teams needs at least 2 coaches. This is where you, the parents, come in, especially in the 12 and under divisions. We have excellent resources, including mentor coaches, an on-line library, clinics, and plenty of experienced people to guide you in the right direction. Signing up to coach is easy - when you register your child to play, click on the volunteer tab, click coach, and follow the directions.

See you on the field!!!

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    Coaches Resources

    Check out our coaches resource library here.

    Coaches Manuals

    Everything you need to know about the season including; parent duties, schedule information and special events.