Call For 2018 Post Season Managers & Coaches

Click here to view our call for 2018 Post Season Managers & Coaches including how to apply.

'Around the Horn' Sessions

Coaches sessions have been postponed due to low enrollment. Stay tuned for revised dates closer to the start of the season!

Coquitlam Little League will be hosting a four-part series for coaches and parents. Around the Horn will focus on Principles of coaching, Fundamental Skills, Mental Awareness and Preparation, and Athleticism and Nutrition

Part 1 Principles of Coaching - TBA

  • This session will focus on the basic principles of coaching such as learning environment, communication, instructional strategies, preparation, planning, goal setting, and skill acquisition

Presenters: Don Hutchinson and Ryan Swan

Part 2 Fundamental Skills - TBA

  • This session will focus on the execution of technical skills, how to perform them, how to detect errors and correct them right from catching and throwing to hitting and running

Presenters: Sandon Fraser and Bill Letcher

Part 3 Mental Awareness and Preparation - TBA

  • This session will focus on preparing oneself for competition, training the mind for successful performance, and how to remain focussed, determined and confident in pressure situations

Presenter: Brad Robinson

Part 4 Athleticism and Nutrition - TBA

  • This session will focus on the role of athleticism and nutrition in baseball and our daily lives. Sessions includes general and sport specific training as well as nutrition tips.

Presenter: Ryan Takagi

Registration is free! Light refreshments will be provided. Attendees are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes for the Fundamental Skills session.

All Sessions will be held at Ranch Park Elementary School.

2018 Coaches Registration

Apply to coach with Coquitlam Little League durign the 2018 season!

- register for the division that you are interested in coaching during the 2018 season
- registration does not guarantee a coaching position
- all coaches applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors and assignments are based on player registration and coaching history
- all coaches will have to attend the CLL coaches clinic in March 2018

Criminal Record Checks ( CRC )

Criminal Record Checks are mandatory each year. To make the process easier, you're able to apply online. Once applied, your CRC is automatically sent to the League and kept confidential.

Access Code: K4LPLV6LDH

Please see attached letter to take to RCMP detachment if you are unable to complete online.

Please note: if you do the crim check online, the results are emailed and or mailed directly to the President of the League and you will not be notified that they have arrived.

2017 Rule Changes

Little League has made rules changes for 2017 that include; a change to the Special Pinch Runner and umpire ejection if your team is caught stealing signs. Full details are available here.

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    Coaches Resources

    Check out our coaches resource library here.

    Coaches Manuals

    Everything you need to know about the season including; parent duties, schedule information and special events. 

    Junior Division Manual
    Major Division Manual
    Minor Division Manual
    Rookie Division Manual
    Blastball Division Man