2020 Division Structure
You may have noticed that Coquitlam Little League made changes to their divisions for 2018. These changes were highly successful, and with some minor tweaks are staying the same again this year.

Why the Division Change?
Coquitlam Little League believes that every player should have a successful season. By offering more divisions, players will be able to compete with kids of similar ages and skill levels which will contribute to player's growth and development. Every child should have successes and failures as it contributes to healthy development. Scoring the winning run or recording the winning out means that another child will fail. By grouping players into similar ages and skill levels, we are creating more opportunity for player's to have success and less opportunity for players to regularly fail.

How Many Teams Will Be In Each Division?
The amount of teams in each division will be based on the number of players registered at each age and the completed assessments at evaluations
Division Structure for 9-12 Year Old Players

After reviewing the evaluation numbers, consultation with coaches, families & other Little Leagues and keeping in line with the Coquitlam Little League Guiding Principles, a division restructuring was undertaken in 2018 for 9-12 year old divisions. Divisions for the 9-12 year olds will be as follows. in addition to these changes, Rookie division went from 8-10, to 7/8:

Minor (9 Year Olds)

The Minor division will focus on skill development and a better understanding of baseball. Players and coaches will use the Rookie experience as a foundation to become better baseball players and better athletes. The season will start with the pitching machine (slinger) and pitching will be taught and introduced into games as the season progresses. Professional coaches will be brought in to support players and coaches as they practice and play games against other 9 year olds in Coquitlam Little League.

Major A (10-12 Year Olds)

The Major A division will follow a similar development model to the Minor division. Teams will start the season with the pitching machine and pitching will be introduced through the season. This division is designed to give all players in it the opportunity to learn to pitch and have success against kids at a similar skill level. Stealing will also be be gradually introduced at this level. Professional coaches will be brought in to help coaches and players develop their baseball skills and awareness. Equal play of infield/outfield and rolling over the batter order will ensure that all kids get the same amount of at bats and innings in the field. All games will be in Coquitlam against other Major A teams.

Major AA (10-12 Year Olds)

Like the Major A division, the Major AA (formally Major B) division will be made up of similar caliber players. The season will start with pitching and stealing. Practices and games will be more balanced to allow players the opportunity to test what they have practiced with more in game experiences. Professional coaches will be brought in to help players with specific position based skill development. The Major AA division will also roll over the batting order each game to ensure that all players get a comparable number of at bats. Mandatory play in the infield and outfield will also give every player comparable innings in the field. 30% of the games will be outside of Coquitlam against other Little Leagues.

Major AAA (11-12 Year Olds)

The Major AAA (formally Major A) division will face competition from around the Lower Mainland. Players will begin to narrow their focus on a few positions where the majority of their in game time will be. Unlike Major A and AA, the batting order is reset every game based on coach's decision and at bat performance. There is mandatory play at the Major AAA level but it does not have to be comparable innings in the infield/outfield and there is no guarantee that player's will pitch or catch in games.

The division restructuring is our attempt to better align skills to maximize learning and fun. Countless hours have been put into this decision and the reasons for it. We know there is not perfect system but this structure provides more opportunities for all players to have more success and fail less often.

To further support players and coaches in each division, coaches from Major A, Major AA and Major AAA will be connected as 'coaching teams' to share ideas, answer questions and support each other.


Coquitlam Little League is proud to offer opportunities for 4-16 year olds in the Tri Cities area to play baseball. All 4 - 16 year olds play Regular Season baseball and there are Post Season opportunities for interested 8-16 year olds.

Regular Season: The focus of the Regular Season is fun, skill development and improvement. Players are placed on teams with similar skill levels to ensure that games are equal and all kids have the opportunity to put in their best effort. During the Regular Season, the emphasis is on practices focused on helping kids become better ball players and games to showcase what they have learnt. There is also fair play, where coaches do their best to ensure that all kids get fair playing time so they can contribute to their team's success.

Post Season: The goal of Post Season is to win. For some teams, it means winning a tournament against other teams in the Lower Mainland and for others it means representing Canada on an International level at the World Series.

All interested players are invited and encouraged to try out for their division's Post Season team. The Post Season commitment is more than the Regular Season commitment and there is an additional fee that ranges based on age and success of the team.

There are Provincial tournaments for 9/10, 11/12, Intermediate, Junior, and Senior teams. There is a World Series for 11/12, Intermediate, Junior, and Senior teams. For more information about Regular and Post Season for each division, click on the division drop down menu on the left.